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The Homestretch

The West Side Bazaar is a magnet for locals and tourists from around the region.

Through a range of educational and financial resources, WEDI removes systemic barriers to give everyone a level playing field. With start-up loans to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses, to marketing and business training, to incubating in the West Side Bazaar, WEDI ensures Equity and Inclusion start right here: the New WSB at 1432 Niagara Street.

Bazaar Builders & You

WEDI is in the Homestretch of its $11.5 million campaign but we won't be complete without you.

We'll  be opening soon! Take this opportunity to make positive, tangible change in Buffalo; join the many donors who have already given and become a Bazaar Builder.

Make this place yours.

Don't let us open without you!

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Homestretch Goal: $100,000 How Your Contribution Makes WEDI Work

Donors to the Capital Campaign make an investment in emerging entrepreneurs who launch and sustain small businesses. The majority being woman, minorities, immigrants, and refugees.

Make your gift today to help WEDI raise $100,000 to get us through the Homestretch.

  • $1,000 can incubate a business for two months at WEDI's West Side Bazaar.

  • $500 can fund a microloan, providing vital capital necessary for emerging entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.

  • $250 can begin to revitalize a business district through assisting in the start-up of a new business.

  • $100 can partially underwrite a WEDI webinar sharing critical business techniques with local leaders.

  • $500 can provide one entrepreneur with two training sessions to start a business.

  • $25 can fund an individual training session with a WEDI business mentor.

Donors of $5,000 and more will be added to a Builder's Wall of Honor and invited to the Opening Night Celebration. Capital Campaign.jpg

Scan the QR code or click here to make your donation today!

Be proud of helping build a more equitable Buffalo & receive a unique gift!

  • $5,000 and up: Your name added to the Wall of Honor and an invitation for 2 to the WSB Preview Party.

  • $1,000 and up: Meet the Chefs! Champagne and appetizers with the WSB chef of your choice in the New Test Kitchen and receive a monogrammed WSB chef's apron

  • $500 and up: Knives up! Get a monogrammed WSB chef's apron

  • $100 and up: Join us for a behind the scene tour of the new WSB

  • $50 and up: Grab our WSB tote and go!

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